“Love’s not something that we’re in.

It’s something that we do.”

Something That We Do

Written by Clint Black and Skip Ewing



December. It seems to have gotten here a little quicker this year. I’m not sure if that’s because Thanksgiving fell only a few days ago, or if it’s because I’m progressing in years. Probably a little of both.


December brings holidays that, for some, hold great significance. For others, December is often one big month of parties. Either way is cool and as long as folks are jolly, it’s a swell way to end the year.


Personally, I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of significant and party. (Maybe I should have a “Significant Party” – I’ll have to think on that one.) I’m not a religious gal, by any stretch. But there is one thing I believe in, deeply: Love.


I dig all the Love crap as much as anyone. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about Love as a verb. You know – active. And December is the perfect time of year to put Love into action. To actually practice Love. It’s work, y’all. But it’s a spectacular job with the best benefits on the planet.


When I remember to Love – as a verb – I am rewarded to no end. I’m human. I forget more often than I’d like. Fortunately, it’s December. And I am reminded again and again that Love is an option. That the word is a verb. And as this year comes to a close, I plan to be all action.


Here’s wishing you and yours the Loveliest of Decembers.

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