This is Fireplace Face. It was in the new pad when we moved here. It juts several feet into the room and is super-duper wide. If it serves a useful purpose, I am unaware of it.


I tell you this because Fireplace Face is nearing the end of its life. I am not fond of the missed floor space, nor am I fond of stubbing my toe on it in the night. Friends who’ve come over have looked at it – agape – afraid to say anything lest Mister or I love it. We do not.


And that is why its demise is upon it. Lack of love. Humans need it. Pets, too. Plants seem to fare a bit better when love is bestowed upon them. So I suppose inanimate objects may need it as well. This is only an idea, mind you. And I’m no scientist.


But I am a love-ist. And I do love. A lot. But not fireplace face. There is absolutely no love lost there. More to come…

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