I painted last night, and I am happy to report I have re-acclimated to the studio environment.


After last week, I was wondering. But last night found me comfortable with the brush and the paints. I was able to relax and just enjoy it. It felt like my muscle memory kicked in.


At one point, my teacher said something about how I have a tendency to complicate my paintings. He didn’t mean anything cruel, he was just telling the truth. The painting I’m working on now is a city-scape, with lyrics painted across it. My teacher’s comment was directly aimed at my choice to “complicate” the painting of Los Angeles by having to get those danged words just right.


What-evs. I was just happy to be back to my detail-oriented self. I was happy my buddy Nicole was there (and working on a stunning portrait, I might add). I was happy just to be there.


I was happy.

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