There’s a lot going on around here this week. Inaugurations, deadlines, wheeling & dealing. Mikki is one busy girl.


And there’s something else: I’m one blessed girl. Aside from breathing, my therapist also suggested I write in my gratitude journal each night before going to sleep. I started keeping it over a decade ago, but at some point I stopped writing in it and began just mentally listing each day’s highlights. I’ve been beyond consistent in this nightly ritual, but my therapist thought writing my list each night (versus thinking it) would lead to a greater appreciation for my life experience. And you know what? She was right.


Like you, I’ve still got a lot of life to deal with. But greeting each day from a foundation of gratitude is sweeter than I might ever explain.


If you’ve never kept a gratitude journal, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it takes very little time. A spiral notebook works great! Just grab it before you go to sleep at night, write 5 things you appreciated from that day then hit the hay! It’s that simple. (Of course, you can get a fancy notebook if you want. Personally, I use a blank-paged journal a friend gave me eons ago. Free!)


I want to tell you something more about keeping a gratitude journal: some days it’s hard to think of something you’re grateful for. When a day like that happens, I write “I’m grateful this day is over.” There have been days when I wrote that sentence 5 times, as I couldn’t think of anything else. But believe me when I tell you those days are few and far between. Really.


Most days, I find it hard to stop at only 5 moments of gratitude. If you decide to give this a try, you just may find yourself in the same happy place. And just so you know I’m for reals here (and not for play-play), here’s my list from last night…


  1. I’m grateful I saw the sunset reflected on the mountains. They were all pink and purple and it was a beautiful sight.
  2. I’m grateful I got to watch the Inauguration. It reminded me of how truly blessed I am to know the peaceful exchange of power we take for granted in America.
  3. I’m grateful I had awesome pizza and salad for dinner!
  4. I’m grateful I got a spreadsheet done today. It’s important, yo!
  5. I’m grateful I finished all the laundry today.
  6. I’m grateful I got to spend the day with Mister.
  7. I’m grateful for being grateful.

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