Last night was Beer Clug and boy are my arms tired. (I know that makes no sense, but hey, I was drinking.)


One of the coolest aspects of Beer Clug is never knowing what others will bring to the meeting. We get to try all kinds of beer, from all kinds of places. Case in point: Surly Beer. This one was brought by a member who’d recently been to Minneapolis. As Surly is brewed in Brooklyn Center – just outside Minneapolis – he planned ahead and brought back a few samples for his fellow Clug members. He’s a pretty swell guy, I must say.


Anyhoo, I was giggling at the Surly motto: Beer For a Glass, From a Can. And it was pretty danged good!


I love Beer Clug. For a lot of reasons. But honestly, I mostly love it for the beer. Even when it isn’t in a glass.

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