This piece of art was an anniversary gift for Mister. It was a surprise gift, and working on it required a lot of sneaking around. Fortunately, when I told others it was to be a surprise, they were more than happy to help me out. In particular, the guys at the hardware store were tops. They cut the wood for me and even made helpful suggestions as to how I should brace the back of the piece. There are loads of good people in the world, y’all. They just get very little press.


But I digress. “Lawrence of Arabia” is Mister’s favorite film. As our fat anniversary neared, I thought of tracking down a vintage film poster as a gift. But investigations into that idea revealed just how spendy those danged posters are. So I decided to get a new poster (new equaling cheap) and make a whole to-do out of it. I wanted it to look as if it had been taken from a construction site. I aged it and added the “Post No Bills” flyers. In the end, I thought it turned out pretty good. But as it wasn’t a gift for me, my opinion didn’t really matter. The question was, would Mister like it?


I’m happy to report he loves it. And that is all that truly matters.

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