This is a lemon tree I recently planted. Here in Southern California, we can plant citrus trees smack-dab in the middle of winter (which isn’t exactly now, but you know what I mean). So this little tree has finally made it into the ground, after sitting on the back stoop for over a month. I think she wants to grow, because even though she was neglected and left in her nursery pot, she sprouted a few new leaves and has started flowering. I’ve decided to call her Blaze. I like the name, and I think it will stick.


A little while after naming her, I started to wonder: why do I name inanimate objects? I have an air purifier named Lulu. My car is Miss Vera James. We’ve a Barbary Sheep head that goes by Clyde. There’s a humidifier named Gurgle-Gurgle. And now Blaze.


I’ve read a bit about anthropomorphism but I still don’t have a clue as to why I practice it. I do know I tend to lavish affection on things I’ve named. I tend to care for those belongings with kindness. And it is my hope those things will last a good long time. But why do I do it in the first place? I have no idea.


Of all my “isms” and flaws, giving people-names to inanimate objects is the least of my worries. So I think I’ll stick with it. It doesn’t hurt anyone, and in fact, it’s kind of fun. I like fun. I think Blaze likes fun, too. I look forward to watching her grow.

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