Last week Mister and I were out  in The Valley, enjoying some live Christmas jazz. The show was great and we had a jolly good time.


Just before taking our leave, we stopped to greet the musicians and that’s when it happened. Some dude spilled an entire glass of red wine down Mister’s back. And wouldn’t you know it – Mister was wearing blue velvet.


We tried mopping it up, but it was a gi-normous glass and there was just too much wine soaking into the velvet. We left da club and were about to make our way home when I remembered there was a 24-hour dry cleaner nearby. We made a bee-line to the cleaner and when we arrived, Mister’s jacket was still drenched. The nice lady behind the counter said she thought all would be well. Since there was nothing to do but trust her, we headed home.


On the appointed day, we returned to the cleaner in The Valley. Mister checked his velvet jacket and it was good as new! At first, we thought the cleaner had pulled off quite a feat, then we saw the tag attached to the garment.



We’ve decided it was a Christmas Miracle. Hallelujah.

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