Hole-y Doughnuts, Week 8’s challenge was mighty tasty!


The photo above shows an authentic and delicious Cuban Sandwich from Paseo’s in Seattle, WA. One often encounters a line out the door, with folks hankering for this, their most popular sandwich. And the worst part? They do run out! Not only that, but the joint shuts down for a month or so in the winter. (So if you’re planning to visit, call ahead.)


As Mister and I don’t live in Seattle, we only get to nosh on this most divine sammie once in a great while. And nosh we do, friends! The sandwich is so flippin’ good, I’ve actually had dreams about it. I kid you not.


Anyhoo, I recently came across a recipe for a Paseo-like sandwich on the “Use Real Butter” blog. I asked Mister if he was game to try and create that edible work of art and it was all I could do to hold him back. (It’s that good, y’all.) We worked out some angles and gathered the necessary ingredients and bam! We hit the ground running.


Here’s what I can tell you about the “Use Real Butter” recipe: it’s a great starting point. And for some, it may be more than enough. For Mister and me, however, we needed to tweak a few things. Namely, we used 1.5 T. sweet pickle relish (instead of dill); we used Cuban bread from an actual Cuban bakery; we buttered the cut sides of the bread and pan-toasted before schmearing with the mayo mixture, then broiling until bubbly; we reduced the cooking liquid until thick and divine, then drizzled that over the pork itself; we crisped the drizzled pork in a skillet before putting it on the bread. Those were our changes, and we were quite happy with them. Stuffed and happy!


Wow! What an awesome creation! We’re so glad to have stumbled upon the “Use Real Butter” recipe, and thrilled to have this in our files. And though it’s a grand facsimile, it isn’t the real thing. You can bet your sweet ass we’ll be hitting Paseo the next time we find ourselves in Seattle. But for now, our version will have to do. Mightily…


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