I’ve been remiss in posting paintings. Some of that is due to my slowness. Some of it is due to the paintings’ purposes (commissions, private collections, etc.). Until the paintings have fulfilled their destinies, I’m not posting them. So there.


Anyhoo! This one did take a long time, and I even sneak-peeked bits and bobs. When it was finished, I then had to let it cure before sealing it. As it’s massive and holds multiple layers of paint, it took its sweet time drying. That’s paint for you.


This work was based on a couple of photo references, all in Tuscany. I’d wanted to do a Tuscan landscape for a while, and I had this gi-normous canvas. Put them together and you get In Toscana.


For the record, this painting taught me a lot. About shadows, light. About clouds. About depth, lines. About many things, and I hope I’m being honest when I say I actually learned from this painting. Each time I pass by In Toscana, I am transported to Italy. If only for a moment.

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