Another Olympics Games, closed. I relished these winter sports, as I do every 4 years. Not only do I admire watching the athletes display their skills (skills they’ve honed for-practically-ever), I also love-love-love the sportsmanship. For though examples of bad sports may be found, those tend to be the exceptions rather than the rule. And that just makes me bubble! I love the way teammates cheer each other on. I love the way medalists congratulate one another, no matter which countries are represented. I love the stories. I love the heart. I love Bob “Pink-Eye” Costas.


The Olympics remind me just how small the world can be. And just how large. They remind me to appreciate the talents of others. And they remind me to work toward my own.


I’m sad the Olympics are over, but also ready to get back to bid-ness. Maybe the charge I feel from the Games will stick with me a while. And if it doesn’t, I’m not worried. The 2014 Paralympics Games open on March 7th. Bring on the inspiration!

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