Happy Halloween!

    Don’t know what you’ll be doing today, but I’ll be eating something with pumpkin in it. And maybe enjoying the costumes worn by the kiddos. And maybe laughing with friends.   Sounds like a pretty nice Halloween.

The Day Before

    Today is the day before Halloween. That may mean a bunch of nothing to most folks, unless they’re desperately trying to scrounge together a costume for a kid, or hoping to score some last-minute candy for tomorrow night’s…

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My New Lover

    I am currently having a love affair with Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Jalapeño Peppers. Like some other affairs, this one caught me off-guard and certainly wasn’t planned. My painting buddy Nicole told me about these fabulous peppers,…

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So Proud

    Over the weekend, Mister undertook a project that’s needed tackling for ages. And y’all – I was so proud of him.   For those who don’t know, Mister has a bit of a hoarder problem. I can’t explain…

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