This is the studio where I paint. (I know that sentence is klunky. I still ain’t gonna fix it.) Anyway, when I walk in for a class, it’s like visiting a museum or gallery. And the art is constantly changing, which makes it a visual adventure.



As students, we are painting at every conceivable level. Some of us are true beginners. Some are more practiced. And it’s all wonderful.



My teacher, Eli, has a small space dedicated to some of his older paintings. A lot of students begin their training by copying his images.



There are kids’ classes, too.



One of the things I love about this place is the variety of creativity. Folks are painting things I wouldn’t paint in a million years. And that’s cool, because I still appreciate seeing their work and their ideas.


Another thing I love about the studio is the freedom and safety to try. As Eli always says, “It’s only paint.” And you know what? Every great artist started at her or his beginning. Maybe this kid will find that inner Picasso…



Or maybe the kid will just grow up, be willing to try new endeavors and appreciate the trying of others. What an artful way to live.

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