This is the 4th painting I did. (I’ve skipped the 3rd because I may do some further work on it, and therefore, don’t consider it finished.) This is a painting of some old work I found in a book. I have no idea who painted the original, or anything else about it for that matter.


It’s crude, I admit. The dark rock is so rudimentary, I can hardly stand it. On the other hand, I love the water. I also love the rock cliff in the upper right.


This was the final “copy” painting for me. After this, I began painting originals only. I do my very best to adhere to that policy now. Since I have about a jillion ideas for paintings, it’s pretty easy to leave the copies behind.


Anyhoo, I like to think I’ve learned a few things since painting this. I hope so at least. Only time will tell. And when I look at this beach, it’s as if time is standing still. That helps me be still. Calm. That’s why I keep it hanging around. For now…

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