Yesterday morning found me out and about. Early. I treated myself to coffee and breakfast. And Faulkner, which I’m this close to finishing. I had a great seat in the shop and was able to watch the other morning folks trickle in for their fare. It was lovely.


After I’d been there a short while, I realized I was listening to Christmas music, piped through the store’s sound system. It was “smooth jazz” Christmas music, which isn’t my fave. But it was okay. It was more than okay, actually. I enjoyed it.


And this surprised me. I overlooked the smooth jazz and just listened. To Christmas music. In November. I was shocked at myself. Really.


Maybe I’m ready to feel a little holiday joy. Maybe I’m in need of some winter magic. Maybe, just maybe, I’m longing for a Christmas miracle or two. I don’t know. But it was a morning well-spent, and it set the tone for a grand Sunday.


Can’t fight that funk.

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