Like many in the world, I am, shall we say, dismayed by the behavior of Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez. (For those who don’t know, Suarez has been caught biting an opponent during match play – this is his 3rd offense.) And here’s what I want to know: why do we allow grown bullies to behave like undisciplined 3-year-olds, just because they’re good at their jobs?


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone getting away with intolerable behavior. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed it up-close. I’ve seen heads of companies turn a blind eye, all for the bottom line. What I don’t get is how those in charge are so blind. How do they not see that condoning bully behavior will eventually result in loss?


The bottom line in the World Cup is clearly no different, as Suarez’s behavior is not being condemned by everyone. Some are calling it par for the course. Some are saying this is a non-issue. That camp holds mostly fans, granted, but why? Why is it okay for my guy to be a complete dill-hole, but not yours? Because don’t you just know if the tables were turned, those same “non-issue” people would be having full-blown hissy fits.


I am old. I know it and I own it. The Golden Rule was instilled in me and I thank the gods for it. I love operating with that old chestnut in mind. I love practicing empathy. Frankly, I love being able to sleep at night, knowing I’ve done my best during the day. And because I’m old, I also know I don’t want to spend my precious time with folks who don’t choose to do their best each day. Honestly, y’all, life’s just too danged short.


I heard a World Cup commentator saying he wondered how Suarez would explain his being banned from playing to his children. I wonder how he’ll explain being a jackass.

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