Having lived all over the United States, I’ve developed affinities for various foods and restaurants. Brunswick Stew in the south. Anything from Snuffer’s in Dallas. Lobster and Chowder in New England. Pizza in St. Louis. White Castle. Culpepper’s. Hardee’s. And about a jillion others I’m simply not remembering.


These days, the only way my food memories are brought to life is through travel. When I’m sticking close to home for long stretches of time (which is most of my life), thoughts of those satisfying meals from long ago remain filed away in my brain-hole. But every now and then I hear about a restaurant’s expansion and I get downright giddy.


Enter Steak ‘n Shake. The first L.A. outpost of the mid-western chain is coming to Santa Monica and I am super-excited! I don’t expect to hit that joint all the time, but you can bet your bippy I’ll be heading over once in a while.


Now, if only White Castle would put down roots on the left coast. Oh well, a girl can dream…

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