I had a crush on him. I did. It started with “Stripes.” He was cute, sure. But what I liked about him was the brain. No matter how dorky his character may have been, that brain was still bubbling underneath all the camouflage.


Harold Ramis was, for me, the ideal package. He was a writer, an actor, and his comic delivery packed a punch. If ever there was a career worthy of emulation, I would point to his (though he may have disagreed). He was just so danged good at all of it!


And I trusted him. Don’t ask why, as I can’t explain. I only know that he was one of only a few actors I would like to know.


Would like to have known. Past tense. I can hardly believe it. I can’t imagine the hole his passing has left for his family. I suppose I can’t claim his death will leave a hole in my life, as I have all his amazing work – still – to entertain and enlighten me. As to what might have been, that’s too vast an imponderable. No need to try.


This week will find me pulling out more Harold Ramis movies than I can count. And I only have to go as far as my DVD shelf. That’s just how much I loved the man’s work. To think – he was a part of the majority of my favorite movies. I am in awe. Like I said – he was the ideal package.


For now, I have to go cry over that brain. I will miss it terribly.

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