Last week I was talking to my cuzzin and she told me about a giant tome her book club had tackled. Apparently it was several hundred pages, and all members of the club read the book. She said a lively discussion took place at their meeting. The verdict? Not one of them liked the book. My cuzzin said the ugly behavior of the book’s teen characters just didn’t resonate.


After hearing about the book, I told my cuzzin how I avoid certain books / movies / shows, as they’re simply not for me. I’m not their target audience. And I’m okay with that. Truth is I’ve grown out of a lot of the world’s media. No sense in denying it.


None of this bothers me, as there’s so much entertainment out there that I haven’t outgrown. There’s a ton of timeless literature I’ll never be able to get through, no matter how hard I try. And movies and TV are about story-telling. When done well, it’s ageless.


While talking with my cuzzin, I told her about a new show I’m watching – “Grace and Frankie.” Though I’m nowhere near the age of its main characters (70-ish), I’m super-enjoying it. It’s thought-provoking and Lily freakin’ Tomlin is in it! I’ve loved that chick all my life. Anyhoo – some of the show’s subjects are outside my little world, but they’re approached intelligently and with heart. That, friends, is a show doing it well.


Today I’m fresh off last night’s season finale of “Game of Thrones.” “The Knick” won’t be back until August. Summer’s popcorn movies are about to hit. My book shelves are overflowing with to-be-read pages. It may simply be that I’m a gal who’s easily entertained. I’m okay with that. As long as the entertainment is top-notch.


Cheers to creativity!

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