So the reason Mister and I headed to Scottsdale was to visit some dear friends. We spent a little time in town, but mostly we just hung out at their beautiful home. At night, the poolside fire-pits lit the dark and the cacti.



The first morning, I saw the day’s beauty framed outside their front door. Then we moseyed out for breakfast, where Mister enjoyed a bacon-laden bloody mary. Mmm…



As you might imagine, the aforementioned pool was put to good use during the day…



And then, each evening, the sunset took my breath away. You can’t beat nature.



The generosity of our friends was greatly appreciated, and when we finally bid them farewell, it was with a bit of sadness. We all have friends we don’t get to see very often. And we all know what it is to miss them. For a lovely, long weekend, Mister and I forgot what it is to miss these friends. And we were happy.


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