I miss Nature. I’m talking about ordinary Nature, not Big Nature. I miss that, too, but Big Nature isn’t something I’ve been around on a super-regular basis. No – I’m missing green. This isn’t new. We don’t have much green here in Los Angeles. (Please don’t tell me about our parks or beaches. Our parks are parched and our beach waters are filthy.) The drought, familiar though it is, ain’t right. And it hurts my soul.

So when Mister and I found ourselves walking past a golf course (all that water – don’t get me started), it was more green than I’ve seen in a while. And then Mister spotted a deer. An actual deer, y’all! When we walked past that spot again later, Mister pointed to 3 deer. And after we drove away, we spotted a coyote on the street. In the daytime. All told, it was a lot more Nature than I had expected. For a moment, it was lovely. And there was nothing ordinary about it.

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