This photo was snapped on a June morning, as Betro and I made our way downtown to volunteer at Rock Camp. It was a little warm that week, but not unreasonable.


It is definitely unreasonable now, and that has me drooping. I know I go on and on about the weather, but it seems the older I get, the more it affects me. Or maybe it’s just timing. A lot of life is swirling (like always) and many of us are caught up in the funnel. We twist and turn and do the best we can and some days that’s enough. Others, not so much. Add ridiculous heat to the mix and you’ve got yourself some genuine discomfort.


For my part, I’m keeping busy and have more meetings scheduled than I can accommodate. And that ain’t good. So what do I do? I tell the truth and something has to give. I prioritize. I deal. We all do. That’s life.


But lately I’ve been working on my attitude about this circus ride, and I do believe it’s making a difference. I ascribe to the Jedi Philosophy of the force being inherent in all living things. When I remember this, I am more congruent with my surroundings. And that’s awesome. When I forget, not so much. And that sucks. But like I said, I’ve been working on it and choosing a positive attitude has been most helpful.


Recently a friend said to me that L.A. isn’t so bad. (She was giving our town props, instead of bashing it – which is what a lot of us usually do.) I said I think L.A. is pretty much like most other places, in that we get out of it as much as we choose. And I truly believe that. I guess I truly believe that in general. About life.


Occasionally we are slammed against a wall by the lives we hold so dear. It happens. But right now, within myself, I am visualizing joy. And laughter. And peace. And I am doing so in conditioned air. Thank the gods.

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