I’m one of those people who believes in a Higher Power. I don’t claim to understand it, nor do I claim to own it. But I do believe that as I make my way in this world, I am loved.


The thing about making one’s way in life is that you don’t have a clue why certain people or experiences cross your path. Sure, hindsight often provides clarity. But not always. Late for work, though you busted your butt to get out the door early? Maybe you missed a major accident on your usual route at your usual time. Thought you’d meet the mate of your dreams at that spendy resort? Maybe it didn’t happen there because the real mate of your dreams lives right around the corner.


Anyhoo, I do believe in this stuff. And I try to live my life with those beliefs in mind. I don’t know why. I just do.


When I was a little kid, I watched “Peter Pan” on television. At that time (lo, those many years ago), the telecast of the Broadway version – starring Mary Martin – was aired again and again. I, like a lot of other kids, took that Tinker Bell stuff to heart. I believed, and I clapped as loudly as I could in hopes of saving Tinker Bell. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I just had to clap. I just had to believe.


I’m still clapping. Literally. I’m usually alone – at home or in my car. When I think of it, I’ll just start clapping like a crazy woman. Or maybe – just like a kid. For that was where my belief was born. And to this day, I believe. With all my heart.


I guess I don’t have a point to make or anything. And in all honesty, I’ve probably written about this before. I was just thinking about believing. About how good it feels. If you agree, clap loudly. Go ahead. It feels great, I promise…

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