We spotted this lass with The Grinch at a local holiday celebration and chuckled. The kids were all smiles, but the actor playing The Grinch was in character big-time. That dude grimaced the entire evening and stuck out his tongue here and there.


A couple of days after that outing, I received notice of a local charity’s holiday wish-list. I looked through the items, to see what was needed and to figure out if I could afford to sponsor anything. Y’all – those folks had asked Secret Santa for the simplest items imaginable. Even for the kids, the requests were basic and humble. Before I knew it, I was balling like a baby. There I sat, fully aware of my being in budget mode, yet not needing a damned thing.


Thanksgiving may be over, but I am still feeling mighty grateful. I guess on some level I did need something: that charity’s list to remind me of just how blessed I am.

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