So this is our life now. This is what we’ll see before going to bed at night and what we’ll read first thing in the morning.


The past week’s various shootings across America have left me feeling like a 4-year old. I don’t understand much of anything. My safety is in the hands of others (who may or may not be able to provide it). Any knowledge I’ve gleaned from my short time on this planet is mostly useless. At the same time, I feel ancient. My body and mind are too tired to keep going in a world that refuses to learn. The ignorance and fear of my countrymen is heartbreaking. I’ve seen this all before and cannot understand why we’ve not yet chosen change.


And yet we continue down our road of ignorance and hate. We indoctrinate our children by openly discussing our fear-rooted racism at the dinner table. We use slurs in the presence of impressionable teens. We buy more and more weapons and espouse our rights in doing so. We think it’s okay to walk onto a college campus with a gun thrown over our shoulder. In short, we are fools.


So this is our life now. I daresay our situation is dire, our world grave. If we choose to watch the evening news before going to bed, we will likely see reports of yet another senseless killing. If we elect to read the papers after we wake, we’ll read much of the same. It is pitiful and pathetic. And I will never understand it.

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