A while back, Mister and I were in Salt Lake City to visit his sister and her husband. For those who don’t know, Salt Lake City, Utah is sort of like Austin, Texas, in that it’s “an island of blue in a sea of red.” Meaning the city itself is progressive, open-minded and full of folks who are into that. I can’t speak to the state of the state of U-tar, but Salt Lake City is pretty cool.



Anyhoo – one day we went for a stroll and Mister’s Sister pointed out a private yard full of art. It’s more of an estate, really, and everywhere you look there’s something to see.



As someone who tries to take in as much art as possible, I found some pieces interesting, and some not so much. I mean – some of the works are a bit more pedestrian than others. And I’m fairly certain I’ve seen similar pieces at my local grocery store’s parking lot.



And that’s okay. We all get to choose what we like and absolutely no one on the planet is beholden to my tastes. Other than me, I mean. And even then, sometimes it’s like I just met me or something and I don’t have an iota of a clue as to what I like or do not like. But I digress.



I super-enjoyed peering through the gate of the Salt Lake City property and seeing their art. And I love that folks display art for passersby to appreciate. For us, it didn’t even require a special outing. All it took was a stroll. Just a stretching of the old legs. And it was grand.


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