I’m working on a show right now, based on historic archives (some pieces 125 years old!), and I’ve got writing on the brain. Some things as simple as emails to actors are being handled and I pore over each mission more than you can imagine. Do I make mistakes? Yes, yes, and yes. And that is why I first send the text of said emails to my cohort in this endeavor. I always hope I’ve caught my own errors before letting a missive fly, but just in case, I want my buddy’s eagle-eyed opinion each and every time. Not only might she flag an obvious error, but she may have a much better way of getting a point across. As The Temptations sang, I ain’t too proud to beg. Collaboration is a beautiful thing, y’all.


I’m telling you this because not everyone is open to letting someone else proof their work. And as Fats Domino sang, ain’t that a shame


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