So I consulted with the interwebz and a few real, live folks and decided to go ahead and plant that danged cactus I wrote about a couple of days ago. I went all xeriscape  on this little planter and I’m pretty pleased with the results. My intentions are to tackle other small garden areas in a similar fashion, and to use the same materials around other drought-tolerant plants. My fingers are crossed. So are my toes, and my legs and my eyes.


As for this little area, I admit to seeing a lot of flaws. The retaining wall is stained (though I did try to clean it). The fence needs serious repair. Everything in the area should be painted. But you know what? I still like it, imperfect as it is. And to me, it’s pretty and ready for summer.


I sure do hope the cactus survives. I’d like to see it blooming again.


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