One of the projects I’ve been working on recently is new cases for all our throw pillows. In the rumpus room, this isn’t an issue, but in the living room, well, that’s another story.


You see I kind of view the rumpus room as Mister’s domain. Sure – the space bears my influence, but it’s a rather masculine room and I am super-duper okay with that. But I am striving to make the living room a bit more, well, me. I don’t go in for frills and such, but I do long for a southern living space that feels akin to my soul and my aesthetics. And that means throw pillows, y’all. For better or worse.


Actually, it’s pretty awesome that Mister and I get to have separate space, when we want it. And for me, it’s a good thing, as Mister is definitely not a fan of throw pillows.


Anyhoo – I’ve done as much as I can with the sewing machine, and am now closing up the pillows by hand. I’ve stabbed myself and numbed my fingers more than I can convey. And it ain’t pretty. But I think the pillows will be, so it’s a fair trade, right? I suppose I’ll have to make that call in a few weeks, once my poor, poor fingers have recovered.