Happy New Year, y’all. Sorry to have missed saying that in a timely fashion. My attention has been elsewhere.


Like thinking about how this is a Leap Year. And how the last Leap Year sucked syphilitic donkey wieners. And how this one isn’t starting off too well, if you pay attention to the bastards trying to kill us all.


And there’s a creative collaboration I’m working on. It’s amazing and terrifying and outside the realms of anything I’ve ever done before. That realization could paralyze me into giving up.


And then there’s the book I’ve been writing. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve gotten stuck. I’ve workshopped it and gotten feedback from trusted sources.


All those things (and about a million-billion-godzillion others) are keeping me busy. Distracted. Scattered. And that’s good! Mostly. The thing is – I can handle it. I can tackle my own projects and work on my issues. I can shut out the assholes who choose to focus on hate and despair. I can create.


Yes – there’s a good chance the Fucktard-in-Chief will get me killed. But until that happens, I’m a vital, positive force in my little world. The bastards can’t do a damn thing to change that.


The collaboration I’m involved in is new and exciting and although it’s so much bigger than me or anything I’ve ever done, I’m game. I’m throwing multi-colored spaghetti at so many walls, there’s no telling what might stick or what might happen.


And the book? I had given myself until Christmas to finish the first draft. Two weeks before Christmas, I hit save and the first draft was finished. Printing it made it incredibly real…


First Draft of My Book


Rewrites await, as do editing sessions. For now, I’m starting to get more feedback and, well, I’ve already had a crying jag from that. I don’t mind telling you – the tears were happy and grateful.


The world may not know it, but this is our year. We can live it fully, with zeal and passion. We can grow beyond the confines of our skin. We can leap. My tribe and I are linking arms and Monkee-walking toward the future. Toward our brightest selves. Toward whatever we want to accomplish. You’re welcome to join in. Or get the hell out of our way. Your choice, your life.

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