Today marks the last day of the 5th month of the year. That means we’re mighty close to being halfway through 2014. Can you believe it?


When we were kids, grown-ups used to tell us how much faster time flies once you’re an adult. Did we believe them? No. Personally, I remember more than one eye-rolling incident, where I thought my eyeballs had rolled so hard back into my head that they’d get stuck. That odd physical feeling did nothing to convince me those grown-ups were correct about time.


But now I’m an adult. And I freely admit to understanding exactly what those folks of long ago were trying to tell us kids. It does go faster. Time flies even. And I’m totally okay with that, because I think that means I’m – dare I say it – happy. Unhappy slows a clock like nobody’s business. Happy seems to have the opposite effect.


Let’s make it count! It’s the last day of May! Here’s a toast to happy, flying time!

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