Today is the birthday of one of my favorite artists: Maxfield Parrish.


I don’t remember when I first became enamored of Mr. Parrish’s work, but I still have to catch my breath when I come across one of his paintings. His use of color stirs the soul. His subject matter tickles the spirit. His work, for me, is sublime.


The photo above was taken in the King Cole Bar of the St. Regis Hotel in New York, about a jillion years ago. If you’ve not been to this bar, and are in the area, stop by. Not only does this joint house the namesake magnificent, gi-normous mural by Maxfield Parrish, but it is also said to be where the Bloody Mary was invented. Looking back, I may have had one or two of those drinks before snapping the grainy photo shown above. That would definitely explain a few things.


I’ve often thought I’d like to try to imitate one of Parrish’s paintings, but have feared I’d only disappoint myself in the end, so I’ve never even tried. I may have to revisit this yen.


Anyhoo – today is the 146th anniversary of Maxfield Parrish’s birth. I am so grateful he lived and created. The world is more beautiful because of his work. Yes!

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