This past weekend, Mister and I began our Drunk Dial Think Tank Week 4 project: outdoor art.


I’ve wanted paintings to hang outside for yonks. I mean, why not decorate the outdoor walls with art? Aren’t we missing a golden opportunity to jazz up our exterior spaces?


Quite a while ago, I found some odd wooden pieces at a yard sale. They were junk, really, so I got a load of them for $10. The idea was to use them in outdoor painting projects. When week 4’s challenge rolled around, I pulled out one of the wooden pieces and Mister and I set to work.


Don’t hate me for not sharing the finished piece just yet. It isn’t finished, y’all, and therefore isn’t share-able. But it’s close! Mighty close, in fact. And I promise to snap a pic as soon as it’s gracing our outdoor living space.


In the meantime, I’m off to cut out a stencil for this project. Drunk Dial Think Tank lives!

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