This past weekend Mister and I hooked up with our good buddy Brad el. Brad is a songwriter, performer, producer and about-a-jillion-other-things-extraordinaire. The 3 of us headed to Descanso Gardens for their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. We were all armed with cameras and footed with good walking shoes. The morning was slightly overcast and there was a chill in the air. In other words, it was all just about perfect.


Brad el was the only one of us who has actually been to Descanso before, so Mister and I had no idea what to expect. Here in L.A. there are multiple gardens one can visit, and all are not created equally. This place was so beautiful, I about flipped my lid. I can’t believe I’ve never been. Now that I have, I’ll definitely be returning.



Anyhoo, the pictures we all took turned out great. And it was remarkable to me to see that even though we traipsed through the grounds together, we all took completely different photographs. (Brad el took the above photo. Mister took the one below.) Just goes to show how differently we all see the world. Or not. Or do. Heck, I don’t know. I just love the beauty each of us captured, in our own special ways.




Like I said, I’ll definitely be heading back to Descanso Gardens in the future. Now that I know how absolutely grand it is, I can’t resist. And if you make it to Los Angeles and decide you’d like a dose of nature, consider going there yourself. Tell the Redwoods hello from me.

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