People flippin’ love Siena, Italy. I mean, they reaaaaallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy love it.


And it is pretty danged cool. The last time I was there, Mister and I had lunch beneath an awning – right in the middle of a late-summer rain storm. The air was cool and the rain was beautiful. We were dry and the food was wonderful. By the time we were finished with lunch, the rain had subsided and we crossed the square for gelato.


This photo was taken after those cleansing, cooling rains. We were able to walk around for a few hours and we saw all we could. The skies approved, clearly, a few clouds not withstanding.


I have to admit, I’ve never stayed in Siena. Maybe that’s why I’m not in the camp of Siena devotees. But I would love to go back someday, stay there and experience the Palio. It’s nice to have adult dreams. Maybe I’ll get to check that one off. Maybe.


Anyhoo, this photo reminds me of sitting beneath that awning with Mister, not saying much, just listening. To the sounds of Siena in the rain. I can almost hear it now…


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