Last summer I was taught to play “Qwirkle” by a then 8-year old named Kyli. She’s funny, smart and that girl loves, loves, loves her some bacon. As I’m rather fond of pig myself, that only serves to endear her to me. Anyway, once she made sure I understood all the varied rules of the game, she slyly tried to break said rules herself. With an unassuming grin, she would start to play her tiles and announce, “I don’t know if this is legal or not…” As soon as she was caught, she would flash an impish (and adorable) smile, looking off into the distance. Her face made it seem that she was thinking, “It was worth a shot. Sooner or later you suckers will fall for it!” Seriously, each time she tried, it was hilarious.


Kyli’s a good kid. She (as does her older sister, Taylor) belongs to a small group of children I adore. Not being a parent myself, my patience with kids is on the stunted side. The good ones, kids like Kyli, don’t seem to try my patience. At all. I understand they are the age they’re supposed to be. And I respect that. But they have manners. And they’re well-behaved. Because Kyli and Taylor are so awesome, I jump at the chance to spend time with them and their parents (who are also awesome people).


I’m writing about Kyli because she’s under the weather. Actually, that’s putting it mildly. She’s in the hospital, quite sick from an as-yet un-diagnosed illness. I can only imagine what her parents and sister are feeling. Wait – that’s not true. I can’t imagine. When I try, I start crying. I have no idea how it feels to be helpless in the face of a child’s pain. And when that child is a part of you, well, I’m at a complete loss.


The only thing I can do, personally, is pray. And I am. Whatever your beliefs may be, however you interact with that which is greater than ourselves, I am asking you to pray as well. For Kyli. For her parents. For her sister. It can’t hurt, friends. And from my perspective, it can only help. On behalf of Kyli and her family, I thank you for every healing thought you send her way. Really. Thank you.

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