The other day I opened the mail and found a lovely surprise: our young friend Kyli had sent us friendship bracelets!


Only they’re not “bracelets.” They’re “Qwirlets.”


As Kyli’s note explained, she made these for us using the 6 colors used in the game “Qwirkle.” Since Kyli taught Mister and me to play Qwirkle, and we love a good epic Qwirkle battle with Kyli, this all made sense.


Kyli’s note went on to explain that she calls these creations “Qwirlets.” And I’ve got to tell you, I think they’re about the coolest Qwirlets ever!


I can’t wait to see that kid. She’s a bright light. Tiny, but bright. And wearing her gift, her hand-made Qwirlet, only serves to remind me of her. To pray for her. To smile for her. What a gal!

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