This is a photo of my fridge, taken yesterday morning. Sad pickings, I know. But at least there were some grapes, blueberries and Aranciata. You’d think I could live on that for a few weeks. But you’d be wrong, friends. I needs some real food. And so I went shopping.


Years ago, while living in Boston, I was walking with a friend one day after hitting the local grocery store. As we strolled down the street with our food, a young man approached us, calling, “Excuse me! Excuse me!” We stopped and he asked, “Where did you buy all these beautiful things?” He spoke in a heavy accent. (I couldn’t identify its origin then, so I won’t pretend I can now.) After a brief conversation, we sent him on his way to the nearest Stop & Shop and that was that.


To this day, Mister and I refer to food blessings as “all these beautiful things.” And we’re right to do so. For we are blessed to be able to go to the market and load up. And even when our fridge is empty, as it was yesterday morning, we’re able to go out and eat. What I’m getting at is this: we don’t go hungry. And that’s a blessing, folks. Truly.


So after I took the above photo, I headed off with my grocery list and provisioned for the coming week. There’s food in the fridge. There’s food in the pantry. We don’t have to eat out if we don’t want. We may, but we don’t have to. Our full fridge is why. Full of health. Full of deliciousness. Full of beautiful things.




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