A while back, I wrote about a friend’s love story. I referenced her tale and its effect on me. I called the post “True Love” because there was no better title.


This past weekend, I was blessed to attend her wedding in Santa Barbara, California. And it could not have been more lovely.


As we all sat in the Sunken Gardens of the Santa Barbara Courthouse, a string quartet began to play. And that’s when I saw the groom for the first time. After the attendants made their way to their appointed places, the bride walked out onto the grass.


I couldn’t see her over the other guests, as I’m not a giant. But the groom saw her, and I saw him. And friends, he began to cry as soon as he laid eyes on her. Then Mister saw her and quietly said, “No way!” I stood on tippy-toe and finally caught sight of my friend – the bride – for the first time that day.



I cannot tell you how utterly beautiful she was. Regal. Elegant. She was such a lady and she actually took my breath away. I totally got the groom’s tears. And as she looked at him, the bride cried as well.


The ceremony was so sophisticated and touching. And when the vows were complete and the two were married, we all walked a few short blocks to the reception location. We dined and we laughed. We danced and we cried. The occasion was centered on love and I honestly believe those feelings emanated from the bride and groom. Their love for one another is so deeply rooted and so gracious, we all couldn’t help but share in it. I am still amazed to have been a part of it all, if only as a witness.



Since the wedding, I’ve been thinking a lot about True Love. Does it come with guarantees? No. Does it insure happiness? No. But friends, True Love is about the mightiest tool we can have in our kits as we make our way in this world. No, True Love does not provide immunity from life’s valleys. But knowing just how grand the peaks can be in the light of True Love, we are far better-equipped in handling life’s lows.


I, for one, am grateful for having seen it in person. And I am even more blessed to look across the room and see it in my own life. I wish nothing less for my friend in her marriage, in her life.


I wish nothing less for us all. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Wedding

  1. Mikki, Thank you for being a voice to share all the joy of Kate and Ben’s wedding day. The first time I saw Kate on Friday she was standing in a doorway under the great Arch of the courthouse. She was radiant, and so beautiful. She looked confident and peaceful. This love feels like a miracle to me. Ben and Kate are a miracle. Our hearts are full of gratitude for our dear friends and family who came to share this moment. Our love to all of you!

  2. I love your comments. – I think everyone who attended the wedding is still on a Happiness “high”! The minister was just as perfect an officiate as you could dream of ! Your photo of Kate beaming and Ben’s sweet tears of joy is Just Fabulous! How can I please, please get a clearer copy to print out for my family that couldn’t attend? Thanks in advance – catherine (vidabonita@aol.com)

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