“I light this candle.

I kneel before the altar.

I pray to St. Lucy,

to help me find my way.”

“St. Lucy”

words and music by Mikki Brisk

The song was born before the painting.


Mister had taken a photo in a Seattle cemetery that was, well, holy. He asked me to paint it and I agreed. Because the subject matter was so moving, I felt the painting should be done with respect and reverence. So I went big. Big. She’s 6 feet tall.


In the end, Mister loved her. Loves her. So do I. And sometimes I find myself looking at her and looking to her for guidance. For her part, she only gazes down, on the verge of a smile.


She’s the patron saint of the blind. Lord knows, I can use all the help I can get “seeing” in this life. So I pray to St. Lucy, to help me find my way…

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