Late notice, I know…


For those of you in Los Angeles with no plans this evening, I encourage you to get your butts to the Bootleg Theater for some Ladies Arm Wrestling.


That’s right! Ladies Arm Wrestling is returning to The Bootleg for a night of pageantry, entertainment and brute strength. Seriously – I attended the last go-round and it was one of my favorite outings ever! If entertainment isn’t quite enough to motivate you, how about this: all proceeds go to Cooking With Gabby – a nonprofit dedicated to ending hunger and creating better lives for children from birth on.


For me, the charity angle is icing. Ladies Arm Wrestling is a magnificent attraction on its own. Give it a shot! And if you go, be sure to tell “Sister Patricia Pistolwhip” I sent you. Then watch her smack down her rivals! Woo-hoo!


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