Okay, so once again I’m late to the party. Mister and I have just started watching “Game of Thrones.” Naturally, we’ve started from the beginning. We’re only midway through the first season, so please don’t tell me anything!


I can see why folks dig it, and I’m appreciating it as well. I admit I don’t like a lot of the characters, and perhaps that is by design. I certainly don’t enjoy some of the – shall we say – family interactions. That just grosses me out. But right now I’m intrigued enough to keep watching.


On an odd tangent: Mister and I were walking around a local middle school’s Renaissance Fair over the weekend. It was, well, a middle school affair. We’d barely been there 3 minutes when a dude dressed in middle ages garb approached us to educate us about his group: The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The brochure he handed us states they’re an “educational organization dedicated to the research and re-creation of medieval and Renaissance culture: arts, sciences, combat, speech, dress, and courtly manners – all areas of everyday life, from noble to peasant.” He was working the hard push, but all I could think about was how his eye glasses were an anachronism where his costume was concerned. I didn’t say that, of course, but I did struggle to actually hear him while thinking it. After a few tries, we managed to take our leave and wandered away, into the fair. That’s when Mister said he’d also thought the dude’s glasses were an anachronism. Mister then took it a step further, saying that the biggest anachronism of all was a strange middle-aged man wearing a dress – being allowed around a group of children, when he wasn’t related to any of them. Word.


Anyhoo, I’ll keep watching “Game of Thrones.” For now. Yes, I was late getting to the party. But at least I didn’t miss the bus.

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