Today is the 90th birthday of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As merely typing that sentence tired me out, I cannot imagine what it takes to perform her job, even though she is mostly a figurehead.


I’m not a Royals junkie or anything, but I do find Queen Elizabeth’s reign interesting. I mean – think about what the world must have been like at the time of her accession in 1952. She had already been living a life of public service – functions, appearances and the like – but was suddenly thrown into it full-time and with more responsibility. Not to mention 2 small children. She was barely 26 years old. Remember what you were doing at 26? Me, neither. But I can guarantee I wasn’t dealing with a realm.


Anyhoo – today I send my own birthday wishes to Queen Elizabeth, if only because she’s been around all my life. She’s the only Queen I’ve ever known. I daresay I shall even toast Her Majesty on this day. And my sentiments shall be sincere, for her good health and long reign. God save the Queen.