I have complained about the rigors of the Social Season, but I’ve not gone into how awesome it can be.


I say can be because the social muscle, much like other muscles, can atrophy after continued misuse. Don’t believe me? I once knew a woman who had spent 2 months with a non-English speaking tribe in a remote area of Africa. She did not speak their language, so all communication was made through signs and gestures. Even her pre-arranged transportation – to and from the village – was provided by non-English speakers. After 8 whole weeks of speaking to no one and not hearing a known language, she just about flipped when she arrived at the airport and found one soul with a decent grasp of English. She told me she talked his ear off and only later did she realize how she must have seemed to him. Over the course of 2 months she had forgotten how to participate in polite conversation.


My paint-splattered life leaves me dressing like trash most of the time and, quite frankly, talking to myself. So putting on a nice frock and a little lipstick for an outing is refreshing. It’s also good for me, because I get to stretch those social muscles and give them a workout.


But the most important benefit of the Social Season is fun! It’s good to laugh and converse with friends and others. It’s good to hear new points of view. Hell – it’s good to disagree with people. We tend to design our lives to be quite insular. That may give us familiar comfort, but it doesn’t always stretch our minds.


So here’s to the fun of the Social Season! I hope yours has already started and that you’re appreciating it. And if you’re struggling with getting back in the swing of social activity, be kind to yourself. Those muscles are still there, still able to carry you through an evening. Just maybe remember to stretch first.

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