This photo is from a few years ago. Tommy Boy was only a toddler. As we’ve not seen him for quite a while, I imagine he’s grown into a confident, big boy.


For that’s what kids do – they grow. There will come a time when Tommy Boy finds no reason to look out his front window. There will be nothing there he’ll want to see. We can’t judge him for it, because we stopped looking out our own front windows, too. We grew up and didn’t want to spend any time looking for something we couldn’t name. And really, what is there outside front windows? A bunch of nothing, really. Lovely, watching-the-grass-grow, unhurried nothing.


Maybe tonight – no matter how confident and big-boy or big-girl we may be – we can take a few moments to sit quietly and look out our front windows. If anyone asks what we’re doing, we can say we’re waiting for Santa. And maybe that’s exactly what we will be doing.


Merry Christmas.

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