The other day, as I opened Christmas cards from friends around the world, I started to cry a bit. Partially because I’m grateful for the dear souls in our lives. And I happen to love getting holiday updates and photos, even if that’s the only time some of us communicate with one another.


But mostly, I think the tears of joy were triggered by our friend Craig, from Nashville. He wrote something or another about his gratitude for still being friends with us, after all these years. And I guess I don’t often see it from the other side. I understand how grand it is to know our friends, but it just doesn’t occur to me to see the friendship blessing as a two-way street. Craig reminded me of that, if only for a moment.


Mister and I are enjoying the heck out of this year’s card bounty. We’ve already received an embarrassment of riches, and there will likely be more. I won’t remember to view our relationships from the stance of others, but it sure was nice to have a glimpse through Craig’s eyes. And those tears of joy weren’t too shabby, either.

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