The other day I was looking for a local business to print some photos from negatives.


Now – before I get too deep, let me say that yes, I am someone who still has negatives from the days of film cameras. In fact, I still own film cameras and occasionally use them. And I treat that film like gold. Because it’s just that precious. But I digress…


Like I said, I was searching online for a local business equipped to make photo prints from negatives. I found a well-reviewed joint and started studying their website. And that’s when my head nearly exploded and I had to have a cool drink while walking around the block, just to recover from what I’d seen. The well-reviewed establishment was ready to provide “diggital prints” from “nagative” or slides. The site went on to read “glossy is available upon reguested” and that they “are a full service.” Full service what, I couldn’t tell you, as that bit of info was not provided.


I don’t mean to be all grammar-police-y. I don’t mean to even notice misspelled words and poor grammar. It just happens. In fact, sometimes when I read a news story with excellent grammar and correctly spelled words, I’m so taken by the professionalism of the piece that I miss the content entirely and have to read it a second time, just to focus on the information provided and not on the writing itself. This isn’t about some superiority trip. It’s kind of a curse, if you must know.


Anyhoo, after my head nearly exploded, I looked for another service provider. I mean, if you can’t even be bothered to click spell-check people, why on earth would I think you’d be capable of doing a good job?


You wouldn’t. Be capable, I mean. But that’s okay. Because there’s always some other business, ready to take my money. Here’s hoping nothing’s misspelled on my receipt.

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