This work is based on a photo of the sky in Siena, Italy. One fall afternoon, Mister and I rode out a brief rain at a quaint trattoria adjacent to the Piazza del Campo, the city’s main “square.” Afterwards, we went for a stroll. We wandered into the town hall – Palazzo Pubblico.  I looked up, saw the gorgeous 14th century tower, Torre del Mangia, and snapped a few pics.



For me, this painting is all things Italian, old and new. The sky takes my breath away, in a manner I’ve only experienced in Tuscany. The varying colors of the stones remind me of the ever-changing landscape. The reflections in the Gothic windows somehow manage to pull me back in time to familiar memories and push me forward to an unknown future.



For now, this painting is on a wall. Eventually, it will be hung on a ceiling, which is where I intended. And it will always – always – remind me of Siena.

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