Imagine you’re sitting in your living room, in the dark, watching a little tellie. And even though you’re listening to the television’s sounds, you suddenly hear some sort of odd clicking, and it’s coming from the back yard – through your open back door. You look out, into the night, and you see 2 sets of glowing eyes, moving deliberately atop your fence, claws clicking with each step. And those eyes and clicking claws are coming right at your open back door.


That’s what happened to Mister and me the other night. These two opossums were making their way toward our house and y’all, that just wasn’t gonna work. I started making a little noise to scare them, while telling Mister to close the danged doors. That man did not start closing doors, but instead grabbed a camera. Luckily, the opossums played possum. They froze for a moment, then the front one turned to the fella in the back and said, “Cheese it! They’re on to us! Back! Back!” Okay, so I don’t actually speak possum, but that’s what it sounded like as the first opossum started making sounds directed at the second one.


Whatever he said, it worked. The two opossums headed back from whence they came. Crisis averted.


Afterward, Mister reminded me of an opossum run-in from early last year. It requires one heck of a visual, so you’ll just have to wait for that one the next time our paths cross. Don’t forget! Ask me the next time you see me and I’ll share. It’s a doozie.


In the meantime, I’m keeping my ears open for late-night, back-yard clicking. Those little beady-eyed dudes know where I live.

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