The other day I needed to get some exercise and opted to tread water. I hadn’t done that in a while, so I set my timer for only 30 minutes. I knew the water would be cool (80 degrees). I braced for the shock and jumped in the deep end of the pool and stayed there. On purpose.


I didn’t turn on any music or anything, so it was pretty quiet. As I moved my body against the water’s resistance, my mind drifted back to about a jillion years ago, when I first began treading water for exercise. Mister and I were living in Dallas, near “Snuffer’s” on Lower Greenville. I had made friends with another apartment dweller, a gal named Mindy. She and I would tread water for an hour at a time, a few days a week. I don’t recall who came up with the idea, but it was probably Mindy, as she was always full of great ideas. At that time, Mister had a watch that could be programmed to go off every 5 minutes, for a predetermined duration. Mindy and I would set that watch for an hour, and then we’d switch our leg and arm patterns every 5 minutes. We talked and laughed throughout and before we knew it, the hour would be up. Exercise achieved.


After 2 years, Mister and I moved from Dallas to Boston and Mindy moved to west Texas. Mindy and I fell out of touch and I have no idea what her life looks like now, or where she’s planted. That happens, friends.


Anyhoo, as I wrapped up my treading session the other day, I smiled to think of Mindy and all she brought to my world. I do hope she’s happy. And if she ever finds herself treading water for exercise and memories of me cross her mind, well, I just hope she smiles. Good times.

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